“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing” ~ Marc Chagell

Edith currently lives in Horsham, West Sussex, having moved to the UK from New York in 1980.  After graduating with a BA in Art from Long Island University, she undertook various courses in Illustration and Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts, Manhattan.  Subsequently she went on to study welding, metal forging, weaving, leather crafting and quilting at California State University, whilst also teaching Art in High School to underprivileged teenagers.

It is this grounding in traditional craft combined with her American heritage and the related cultural symbolism referencing self and place, which provide the backdrop against which Edith weaves the self-consciousness narrative underpinning her art practice.  The outcome is objects and paintings, which reflect Edith’s unique interpretation of reality grounded as they are in her own deeply held cultural beliefs and biases.

There is a significant  psycho-social element to Edith’s practice, with talisman, totems and taboos being recurring theme’s, imbuing a sense of mystery and otherness into her work.  Her textile objects inhabit the space between human and non-human, marking the territory between ourselves and the landscape we inhabit; the inner space which influences and affects our sense of self.  Hand constructed from linen and embroidered and embellished in sometimes vibrant coloured threads, Edith’s unusual and unique textile sculptures are both organic and figurative in form.  Reinterpreting the world from inside looking out, they are both familiar and unfamiliar in equal measure; disrupting the expected linear interpretation in both a challenging but also warm and humorous way.

Edith’s paintings explore the natural and man-made ecology of the world we live in.  Reflecting the complex web of relationships, which constitute reality, mourning what has past and gone but anticipating the future yet to come; capturing our dreams on the brink of reality.

Edith has exhibited both in the UK, Europe and the US and is currently part of the management committee of the Sussex Guild and a member of Pure Arts group.